About me

Imène-Sarah, two names for one person, a brand and finnaly this blog.

Linen dress with buttons – Maghreb 2017

I wanted to create a space dedicated to what I liked and that would bring together everyone who has a project whatever it may be.

My goal is first to let you discover my passion and my work, not only so that you can follow my on-going projects, but also so that you yourself have the desire and the motivation to realize your dreams.

To give yourself the means to succeed and help each other in any way we can is important, there’s no harm in sharing your knowledge, your good spots or anything that can help your neighbor. On the contrary, let us help each other. Let us share our motivation and our experiences so that we can spread positivity.


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Dress with pleated pockets – Maghreb 2017

If I were to tell a little bit more about myself , I would directly talk about my passion for sewing and the fashion industry. I love the fact of being able to create something from just an idea, an inspiration. To let my imagination flow and not only do that for myself but being able to share it with others.

Sewing is really a stress reliever expect the times where you sew a sleeve into a collar instead of the armhole and is a way of escaping when your mood is not so good.

 We all have our moments of doubts, lack of confidence in ourselves. When I didn’t know how to sew yet and that I sure that I couldn’t do anything of my life. I had dreams and this desire to succeed inside of me. The school system around me was suffocating me and the plan that goes with it was simply scaring me.

 Did I want my life, my future to be all mapped out for me? To in the end being dictated what to do?

I was fighting myself, I was afraid of failing.

 However, today all of that has been converted into strength, motivation and the strive to surpass myself every single day.

Stay firm on yours ideas, principles or desires.

 Moments of doubts never really goes away but it’s all part of the challenge. And that’s how I learned to know myself.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself, nor wanting everything to be perfect, well that is my biggest challenge of all. We waste so much precious time in making sure every single details is perfect. There is no such thing as a PERFECT MOMENT it is we that create it.

Sewing is indeed one of my favorite hobbies but it doesn’t refrain me from having other centers of interest. I enjoy very much reading don’t focus on the absence of transition, inspiring books, novels and cultural reading. I love everything which is related to culture, museums and old stuff. The afternoons in front of a documentary with a ginger tea. Long talks about life with my friends, the tasty little dishes and outdoor rides.


Hoping that you will enjoy what’s coming next. Stay tuned.